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The OLAF report 2016

In its annual report of 2016, the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) informs, inter alia, about having reduced the duration of its investigations to a record low

According to the recently released report, OLAF had an excellent investigative performance and concluded a high number of investigations. The statistics of the 17th annual report show that OLAF successfully completed its task of detecting and investigating cases of fraud and corruption in connection with EU funds. During the reporting period, OLAF concluded 272 investigations, opened 219 new investigations and issued 346 recommendations to the relevant EU and national authorities, with the focus being on large, transnational investigations. The recommendations directed to national and EU authorities will enable the recovery of EUR 631 million to the EU budget.

In 2016, OLAF received 367 items of information from public and private sources in the EU Member States. Eight of these items came from Austria.

OLAF succeeded in reducing the average duration of its investigations to 18.9 months, which marks a new record in the history of OLAF.


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