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Delegation from Turkmenistan at the BAK

A study visit by a delegation from Turkmenistan, organised by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), took place at the Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption (BAK) on 28 June 2023.

A Turkmen delegation visited the BAK on 28 June 2023. The delegation, consisting of representatives of the Turkmen Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of National Security and the Prosecutor General's Office, was accompanied by two staff members of the OSCE Centre in Asgabat.

Representatives of the BAK presented the organisation and the tasks of the Federal Bureau and provided information on its Operational Service Department as well as the International Cooperation Unit. The Austrian National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS) was also presented.

The Turkmen delegates showed great interest in Austria's anti-corruption work. There is no counterpart to the BAK in Turkmenistan, as there, corruption investigations are conducted directly in the various ministries. This time, too, the international exchange of experience with the representatives of the Turkmen authorities was an enrichment for the BAK.

The Turkmen delegation also visited other Austrian authorities as part of their study programme.

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