International exchange of experience in the field of promoting integrity

From 17 to 19 January 2018, a work meeting of ENIP (European Network of Integrity Practitioners), a network launched in 2015, took place in Utrecht, Netherlands. The BAK was represented by a member of the NOI (Network of Integrity Officers) project team. The expert meeting was organized by the colleagues of the "Dutch Whistleblowers Authority”.

The aims of this network of practitioners are to exchange knowledge, experience and best practices as well as to jointly develop new instruments and programmes. ENIP consists of institutions with a focus on corruption prevention and promotion of integrity from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Estonia, Poland and Austria.

In addition to presentations on current activities, several thematic lectures were given: Kim Loyens from Utrecht University provided an insight into her study comparing ten countries’ legislative and administrative frameworks to protect whistle-blowers. In her study, Ms Loyens was able to identify various dos and don’ts when dealing with whistle-blowers. Muel Kaptein, professor of business ethics and integrity management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, has been researching for decades on organizational ethics. He lectured on a model he had developed to describe the ethical culture of organizations. Furthermore, he explained the results he achieved by using this model for a study dealing with the identification of organizational factors that encourage unethical employee behaviour.

Another remarkable fact is that a number of countries are currently developing integrity self-tests for organizations. These questionnaire-based surveys are relatively simple to carry out and do not require a lot of resources. They will allow drawing conclusions on the quality and degree of implementation of compliance measures taken by organizations.

The BAK once again expresses its gratitude to the hosts for this event, which was organized so perfectly – in spite of storm David/Friederike. The next ENIP meeting will be held in Berlin this autumn. The NOI ensures the resource-efficient and timely transfer of knowledge acquired by the BAK through its participation in international networks such as ENIP to national stakeholders in the fields of corruption prevention and promotion of integrity.

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