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Delegation from Latvia at the BAK

On 9 June 2022, a working visit of the Latvian Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) took place at the Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption (BAK).

The Latvian anti-corruption experts had come to Vienna to deepen their knowledge and skills in the areas of societal outreach, anti-corruption training, raising awareness of corruption risks in the public and private sectors, and digital forensics. Another area of interest related to working with whistleblowers. During the working visit, a lively exchange developed on best practices in preventing and combating corruption as well as the challenges of an anti-corruption agency in the context of public and media perception. Representatives of the BAK introduced the public relations work of the authority, the tasks of its Education Unit as well as digital forensic investigation methods. The working visit enabled both sides to discuss interesting approaches and to deepen the already existing cooperation.

The day before, the Latvian delegation had visited the Central Public Prosecutor's Office for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption (WKStA).

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