Completion of compliance advisory services for NPO "Verein NEUSTART"

The BAK has carried out a compliance consultation for "Verein NEUSTART”, an NPO specializing in probation, conflict resolution and social work. The Bureau has accompanied the NPO in achieving its objective of raising employees’ awareness of compliance and promoting integrity in everyday work.

The advisory services focused on a systematic analysis of the compliance activities of "Verein NEUSTART” and the development of a compliance management system by introducing new and optimizing existing compliance-specific measures. The cooperation between the BAK and the NPO also covered the conceptual design and implementation of a code of conduct for "Verein NEUSTART”.

In cooperation with the NPO, which had already been characterized by a highly developed compliance culture and a clear commitment to the "tone from the top", the BAK drew up recommendations related to the main aspects of the advisory services offered.

The consultation was concluded with the submission of a comprehensive final report to "Verein NEUSTART” in May 2020.

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