Evaluation of Iceland during the Fifth Evaluation Round conducted by GRECO

What are Iceland’s measures to prevent corruption and promote integrity in their government and prosecution authorities? That is the question the evaluation team by the Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) dealt with during their country visit in Reykjavik from 2 to 6 October 2017. The evaluation team consisted of experts from Latvia, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic, and the GRECO Secretariat.

In the previous (fourth) evaluation round, the Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption had assessed corruption prevention measures with regard to delegates, judges and public prosecutors. It was thus decided to cover similar ground during the fifth round with regard to high ranking representatives of government and police authorities. Icelandic authorities were asked to fill in a questionnaire and their replies formed the basis for evaluating the implementation of the stipulated measures to prevent corruption and promote integrity.

In the framework of the country visit in Iceland, the team interviewed, in particular, representatives of the Icelandic Parliament (Althingi), Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Court of Auditors, Ombudsman, investigation and prosecution authorities, customs, coast guards, and other state institutions.

Discussions with representatives of civil society, media, universities, and non-governmental organizations contributed greatly to the comprehensive evaluation approach applied regarding implementation and efficiency of measures to prevent corruption and promote integrity.

The Evaluation Report containing the results of the country review with the corresponding recommendations is to be adopted at the GRECO Plenary Meeting in Strasbourg next year.

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