APIK delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina came to visit the BAK

On 21 December 2017, the director and two high-ranking representatives of APIK (Agency for the Prevention of Corruption and Coordination of the Fight against Corruption) came to visit the BAK (Austrian Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption), with the aim of exchanging experience in corruption prevention and anti-corruption education.

In 2014, BAK and APIK had concluded a memorandum of understanding regarding the field of corruption prevention laying the foundation to cooperation between the two authorities.

Mr. Andreas Wieselthaler, director of the BAK, welcomed the delegates. He provided a brief overview of the BAK’s various fields of activities focusing on prevention work. Later, the guests had the opportunity to present their agency and scope of responsibility.

Subject matters of presentations held by senior BAK staff included the "Correct or Corrupt” application developed by the BAK in cooperation with HTL Mistelbach Engineering College, and the "fit4comlipance” board game conceived by the BAK as prevention tools. Other topics for discussion were different approaches in prevention, consciousness raising in schools, continuation and further evolution of adequate measures to create awareness.

This working visit provided interesting new ideas to both sides and further intensified ongoing cooperation.

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