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EBM commences work

The Investigation and Complaints Office for Police Conduct (Ermittlungs- und Beschwerdestelle Misshandlungsvorwürfe – EBM) starts work on 22 January 2024 as Department 4 of the Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption (Bundesamt zur Korruptionsprävention und Korruptionsbekämpfung – BAK).

EBM, that has begun its work at the BAK on 22 January 2024, is responsible nationwide and exclusively for investigations and enquiries into allegations of ill-treatment against police officers and any police use of direct coercive force resulting in death and life-threatening use of arms.


In addition to criminal police officers, who have investigative powers under the Code of Criminal Procedure, EBM also employs staff with special expertise, for example in psychology, human rights or sociology. They can thus examine investigations from different angles and carry out analyses using their special expertise. All EBM employees receive comprehensive specialised training with a focus on human rights, operational training, criminalistics, and psychology.

Impartial and unbiased

The BAK Act contains comprehensive provisions to prevent external influence on EBM investigations and to ensure transparency and traceability. In addition, EBM fulfils international standards for investigative bodies of this kind, such as the standards called for by the European Court of Human Rights. An independent, instruction-free advisory board, which also includes representatives of NGOs, will perform structural monitoring of the EBM's activities, and make recommendations in this regard.


Allegations of ill-treatment or complaints against police officers can be directed to this address in writing or by telephone around the clock:

Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption (BAK)
Investigation and Complaints Office for Police Conduct (EBM)

Telephone: + 43 1 53 126-906800
Fax: + 43 1 53 126-108583


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