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"EU Integrity” Kick-off Event on 27 September 2017

On 27 September 2017 at the banquet hall of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI), the Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption (BAK) hosted the kick-off event of the "EU Integrity” Initiative under the coordination of Hermann Feiner, Director General IV of BMI, and Andreas Wieselthaler, Director of BAK.

At this event, national experts met to kick-start the "EU Integrity” Initiative and discuss further steps at expert level.

Promotion of integrity and prevention of corruption are becoming increasingly significant issues; however, European level does not seem to attach great importance to them, in particular, since the European Commission discontinued its EU Anti-Corruption Report.

The BAK, coordinator of the "EU Integrity” Initiative, thus intends to seize the occasion of Austria’s Presidency of the European Council next year to encourage EU-wide promotion of integrity and prevention of corruption and to sustainably place emphasis on these topics. The "EU Integrity” Initiative aims to create a platform for the exchange of integrity-promoting measures at EU level, and to facilitate systematic cooperation between the stakeholders.

During the kick-off event, participants discussed the main topics and focal points of the future project work. In particular, national experts in the fields of science, civil society, private industry and public sector emphasized that sustainability of the undertaking, and facilitation of intersectoral exchange of experiences were essential features of the "EU Integrity” Initiative.

It is planned to organize an international opening event and to have the working parties take up their activities at the beginning of 2018. The goal is to achieve visible and sustainable progress in the fields of integrity promotion and corruption prevention by the end of the Austrian Council Presidency in December 2018, and to facilitate closer cooperation in these fields at European level extending far beyond the Presidency.

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