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The OLAF report 2018

In its annual report of 2018, the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) informs, inter alia, about major investigations that put an end to cross-border fraud schemes and stop organized criminals, as well as about current trends and practices in combating fraud and corruption.

OLAF maintained a strong investigative performance in 2018, focusing its efforts on the areas where it could bring the highest added value to European citizens – complex, transnational cases that would be impossible to tackle by national authorities alone.

Therefore, OLAF took the opportunity to present an analysis of some of the most striking trends revealed by its investigations:
• Setting up fake companies and disguising falsified business transactions in order to obtain EU funds
• Fraud in the promotion of agricultural products, with money often being laundered through third countries
• The evasion of custom duties orchestrated through transnational criminal schemes

In addition to its investigative work, OLAF plays an active role in the development of the anti-fraud policies of the European Union.

In 2018, OLAF concluded 167 investigations, issuing 256 recommendations to the relevant national and EU authorities. OLAF recommended the recovery of EUR 371 million to the EU budget.

During the reporting period, OLAF opened 219 new investigations. OLAF received 458 items of information from public and private sources in the EU Member States regarding fraud or misconduct. Four of these items came from Austria.


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