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Compliance Advisory Service – Austrian Workers' Compensation Board (AUVA)

Andreas Wieselthaler, Director of the Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption (BAK), and Helmut Köberl, Director General of the Austrian Workers' Compensation Board (AUVA), concluded an advisory service agreement on compliance consulting at the AUVA.

In accordance with the BAK’s legal mandate to perform preventive work laid down in section 4 para. 3 BAK Act, the BAK and the AUVA agreed to conduct compliance consulting covering several different topics.

In the recent past, the AUVA implemented a value management process in their organization. Additionally, they are now planning to introduce a compliance management system (CMS); they have started with a pilot project in this field.

The BAK supports the AUVA’s initiatives and provides guidance with the implementation of the CMS, the introduction of new measures and optimization of measures already in place having relevance to compliance, prevention of corruption and promotion of integrity.

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